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The Prophetic Meaning of Color





Amber: The Glory of God, The Father’s heavenly care. Purity & Glory

Black: The Mysteries of God, the secret place, depths & wealth.

Blue: Heavenly, prophetic, Holy Spirit, grace, revelation, knowledge, the river of God, life-giving flow of the Holy spirit. Communion and peace.

Brown: Humanity, earth, harvest, sowing, humility, seed

Gold:  Deity, wealth, royalty, refining fire, glory, majesty.

Green: New beginnings, growth, hope, restoration, happiness, springtime, birth.

Orange:  Courage, passion, dynamos power, fire, harvest, strength.

Pink:  Joy, compassion, healing, friendship, deep place of the heart, Romance of God.

Purple:  Royalty, kingship, sonship, inheritance, richness, abundance, Infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Red:  Atonement, the blood of Jesus, sacrifice, redemption, love.

Silver:  Redemption, Holy Spirit, freedom to create.

White: Purity, holiness, righteousness, peace.

Yellow:  Courtship with God, intentional pursuit, the glory of God.

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